The best Side of A State of Sight - Conjunctivitis

Cannon (n.) An incredible gun; a piece of ordnance or artillery; a firearm for discharging hefty shot with wonderful drive.

Cassican (n.) An American hen in the genus Cassicus, allied on the starlings and orioles, impressive for its skillfully constructed and suspended nest; the crested oriole. The identify can be sometimes presented to the piping crow, an Australian fowl.

Candlebomb (n.) A pasteboard shell used in signaling. It's full of a composition which makes an excellent mild when it explodes.

Castellany (n.) The lordship of the castle; the extent of land and jurisdiction appertaining into a castle.

Candlemas (n.) The second day of February, on that is celebrated the feast with the Purification on the Virgin Mary; -- so named since the candles for your altar or other sacred takes advantage of are blessed on that day.

Ceraunoscope (n.) An instrument or apparatus utilized in the ancient mysteries to mimic thunder and lightning.

Classis (n.) An ecclesiastical human body or judicatory in specific church buildings, since the Reformed Dutch. It is actually intermediate amongst Get More Information the consistory and the synod, and corresponds for the presbytery in the Presbyterian church.

Catoptromancy (n.) A species of divination, which was done by letting down a mirror into water, for any Unwell man or woman to look at his facial area in it. If his countenance appeared distorted and ghastly, it had been an unwell omen; if clean and healthy, it had been favorable.

Calipee (n.) A Portion of a turtle which happens to be hooked up towards the reduce shell. It is made up of a fatty and gelatinous substance of a light yellowish color, Substantially esteemed being a delicacy.

Calumniation (n.) Wrong accusation of crime or offense, or perhaps a destructive and Fake illustration from the phrases or actions of An additional, which has a see to injure his good title.

Carbonaro (n.) A member of a secret political association in Italy, arranged in the early A part of the nineteenth centry for the objective of transforming the government into a republic.

Chalaza (n.) A spiral band of thickened albuminous material which exists inside the white of the fowl's egg, and serves to take care of the yolk in its posture; the treadle.

Carnation (n.) Individuals portions of a picture during which the human overall body or any Element of it's represented in total coloration; the flesh tints.

Chasing (n.) The art of ornamenting metallic by way of chasing equipment; also, a piece of ornamental function produced in this manner.

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